Case Study: Graphic design for branding

Client: Steve Soult Limited
Deliverables: brand thinking; brand audit; concept, design and artwork; web design; advertising; photography; video; exhibition; illustration; print management


Steve Soult Limited logo

We’d forgive you for thinking that the job of helping to market products such as coffins, considering the apparent supply and demand dynamic, was an easy one. But the sector is awash with manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world, and there is no accepted or widely established method of selling directly to the ‘end-user’ (a somewhat unfortunate phrase in this context).

Steve Soult Limited are the UK’s largest manufacturer of handmade, wooden coffins and caskets, and the only one accredited to the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

While these are obvious USP’s, the company’s real value lies in its sector-leading customer service, innovation, and relationship-building.

Our own, long-standing relationship with Steve Soult Limited has seen us deliver branding solutions across the broadest possible range, helping to define the perception and enviable reputation of the company.

In the design of show stands, brochures, fleet livery, website, promotional videos, and development of product ranges, we have helped engage a mostly staid audience, disrupted traditional sector marketing channels, establish and reinforce relationships, and capture that spirit of innovation.

And the by-word of good branding has never been forgotten; ‘consistency’ is now a Steve Soult Limited mantra to which all activities and outputs are aligned.

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Responsive website design and build

As development of an outdated Flash (remember Flash?!) site, a new responsive website presents the entire Steve Soult Limited product range and embodies the company’s brand values and vision.

Steve Soult Limited responsive website

B2B Advertising campaign in trade publications

The challenge was to produce some new thinking for an upcoming advertising campaign for leading coffin manufacturer, Steve Soult Limited. But how do you sell the ultimate ‘distress purchase’ in a new way, from within the pages of a very conservative, business-focussed and traditional publication?

We suggested a disruptive marketing approach: a look and feel with a much more creative and contemporary feel than the content it would sit alongside.

Steve Soult Limited trade B2B advertising campaign
Steve Soult Limited trade B2B advertising campaign

It doesn’t matter how good your product appears or how convincing the features and benefits sound, if customers don’t stop and consider your advertisement. The most challenging of our ideas drew inspiration from the world of computer gaming – a Minecraft-esque rendering that would undoubtedly jump from the page of the leading coffin industry magazines and champion Steve Soult Limited as a manufacturer who is always one step ahead of the competition.

Interesting fact: The default Minecraft character is also called Steve…

Promotional product video for Artiste personalised coffins

Captivating showreel videos imagining a recently deceased person’s life and loves, to help promote Steve Soult Limited’s Artiste range of personalised coffins and caskets.

After storyboarding the concept, we sourced or made all of the props, then shot and edited the footage, adding music and effects before rendering a number of versions for distribution via specific marketing channels.

Persona printed coffins and caskets product designs

For the ultimate in personalised farewells, the design and creation of a 100+ portfolio of unique designs for Steve Soult Limited’s Persona range of printed coffins and caskets.

Steve Soult Limited Persona printed coffins

Other Place Branding projects

Green Monkie Limited logo 2020

Making a splash for Maru Swimwear

Bi-annual range brochure design and print management, multiple substrate packaging, P.O.S. materials, responsive website design, art direction and creative processing of post-green screen/Chroma-key photography.

Maru Swimwear responsive website design
Maru Swimwear range collection catalogue

Hodsock Priory

Brand thinking, identity and corporate literature refresh, including wedding venue brochure, historic house guidebook, Snowdrops 21st Anniversary guide, fine dining menu, 5-Star accommodation brochure, website, and photography, for this historic country house wedding venue on the north Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire border.

Café Jarista store visualisation illustration

Café Jarista identity, signage, promotional literature

Name generation, identity design, signage and counter sales materials for Café Jarista, a new venture within a busy business centre also serving passing custom and the nearby Manchester Airport.

Café Jarista branded coffee cup
Café Jarista menu
Café Jarista branded desert pot

Gillotts Funeral Directors, interior décor, signage, responsive website

Company-wide marketing materials refresh for Gillotts Funeral Directors after a name change, brand thinking, and identity redesign.

Gillotts Funeral Directors responsive website
Gillotts Funeral Directors branch interior decoration
Gillotts Funeral Directors branch signage