Steve Soult Limited advertising

  • Skills Needed:
    Design, artwork, photography, illustration, concept, brand positioning
  • Client:
    Steve Soult Limited

The challenge was to produce some new thinking for an upcoming advertising campaign for leading coffin manufacturer, Steve Soult Limited. But how do you sell the ultimate ‘distress purchase’ in a new way, from within the pages of a very conservative, business-focussed and traditional publication?

We suggested employing a disruptive marketing approach: present a look and feel to any new advertising that had a much more creative and contemporary feel than the content that was sure to surround it.

It doesn’t matter how good your product appears or how convincing the features and benefits sound, if customers don’t stop and consider your advertisement. The most challenging of our ideas drew inspiration from the world of computer gaming – a Minecraft-esque rendering that would undoubtedly jump from the page of the leading coffin industry magazines and champion Steve Soult Limited as a manufacturer who is always one step ahead of the competition.

FYI: The default Minecraft character is also called Steve…

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