St Mary Magdalene Church website

  • Skills Needed:
    Design, photography, video, creative writing, copywriting, marketing, brand positioning, identity, Wordpress
  • Client:
    St Mary Magdalene Church, Hucknall
  • Project URL:

A final development of the St Mary Magdalene church project, a new website communicating the restoration work undertaken, presentation of the refreshed offer on site, and a repurposing of the church message was created and delivered as a fully responsive website.

An photographic and video archive traces the history of the 2014-2015 project which saw significant development to the fabric of the building as well as new interpretive displays to better engage visitors.

With such a wealth of heritage, St Mary Magdalene church, Hucknall, has become a focal point in the town, welcoming worshippers and the wider community. The new website projects a wholly positive and entertaining image of the church and its mission; alongside a commitment to protect and share the world-renowned heritage of which it has custody.

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