St Mary Magdalene church interpretation

  • Skills Needed:
    Design, artwork, illustration, creative writing, copywriting, photography, video, brand positioning, print management, project management
  • Client:
    St Mary Magdalene church, Hucknall
  • Project URL:

Though St Mary Magdalene church in Hucknall may have benefited from a tower makeover and development of a new refreshments area in the south transept, a major part of the HLF award which made those things possible, was the protection, promotion and sharing with as wide an audience as possible, the significant heritage of which the church has custody.

With figures such as poet Lord Byron, mathematician and ‘mother of computing’ Ada Lovelace, ‘Big Ben’ Caunt and acclaimed Victorian stained glass artist C. E. Kempe amongst the many themes at our disposal, the job of creating an engaging visitor experience was a hugely fascinating one.

Building out from the refreshed identity we created, all interpretation shares a structured layout and sympathetic colour schemes. That structure offers familiarity for the visitor as they move between displays and the colour schemes allow themes to be immediately identified throughout such a large and involving building.

Child-specific interpretation features throughout the building and innovative design concepts bring the main characters to life on large scale pull-up and pop-up banner systems.

Interactive tours were designed to take visitors on a voyage of discovery around the church and help them identify and appreciate the wealth of heritage artefacts – some seen at close hand, for the first time in a generation.

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