Maru Swimwear A/W2013 catalogue

  • Skills Needed:
    Design, artwork, illustration, print management, project management, photography, retouching
  • Client:
    Maru Swimwear

Planning for the latest Maru swimwear catalogue, we set ourselves the task of creating a more efficient workflow for the photography and techniques, that would provide the client with the most adaptable imagery, for supplying brand assets to partners, suppliers and distributors.

Typically, a photo shoot of this kind, takes place with a conventional, printed backdrop that is a sympathetic feature of the printed catalogue. That’s fine, but the assets created, often require further work…

Historically, Maru’s distribution partners require imagery upon a white background, to allow them some freedom with regards overall image style – particularly relevant when being included in third party websites.

Borrowing a technique from the film industry, we decided to shoot the entire product range against a ‘green screen’ – check out the video below, to see the action.

Ultimately, this allowed cost savings to the client (no need for a large scale printed backdrop), and meant that distributors had immediate access to imagery with a generic, white background, without the need for expensive cut-outs.

This new approach has provided fantastic results – backdrops can now be substituted, allowing a range of stylistic changes to broaden the visual impact of the catalogue; and there is no ‘waste’ created from the once, single-use supporting graphics.

Maybe this approach would suit your range photography needs? Of course, this doesn’t just apply to fashion or retail – whatever your product, the real benefit is how this allows your products to appear within the most dynamic and engaging environments.

Email Adrian or Robin, or give us a call on 0115 9655888 to discuss your needs.

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