Mansfield District Council brand identity refresh

  • Skills Needed:
    Artwork, Illustration, brand positioning
  • Client:
    Mansfield District Council

Mansfield District Council required a development of their existing brand identity, wanting a more practical and contemporary new mark for the town.

A refined colour palette has been created to aid new layout applications, while maintaining a recognised ‘nod to the past’. The key elements of the old crest have been re-drawn and separated into just three key colours which form the new colour palette.

The previous logo was cumbersome and technically difficult to use. The previous artwork file was made up of a staggering 53,435 paths of vector information. This meant working with the file was slow and caused all manner of issues, when emailing council documents while trying to maintain a high quality of visual impact.

Made up of just 176 paths, the new identity is stripped down both visually and practically, for ease of use. It has also been completely re-drawn in a simplified format, for use in single colour publications..

Typography has also had a makeover, adding emphasis to the location by reducing the size of ‘District Council’. A new, linear version, gives far greater flexibility for inclusion within non standard formats.

The new identity is now being rolled out publicly, so watch out for it next time you’re passing through the town.

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