Fielder Green 25th Anniversary memento

  • Skills Needed:
    Design, artwork, illustration, print management, concept generation, retouching, video, photography
  • Client:
    Fielder Green Associates

To acknowledge 25 years of success, specialist tourism marketing agency Fielder Green, asked Monkie if they could encapsulate the 25 year story, in an engaging table decoration, for an invitation only night of celebration. The brief was to make it light-hearted, unusual and a fun way for the guests to take in a journey that has seen highlights such as project managing the development of a number of Welsh Castles for Cadw; creating Nottinghamshire’s Robin Hood Audio Trail; securing world-wide merchandising rights for the author of the Cadfael TV series; to establishing and promoting tourism for the Falkland Islands!

We really couldn’t remember what that memorable, folded paper device was that we all played with as school children – ‘fortune teller’ seemed to be the most recalled term – but thought that revealing the Fielder Green story using this device would be the perfect solution; guests could pick a year, then reveal the Fielder Green highlights!

The table decoration certainly entertained the guests and the accompanying illustrations that illustrated the passage of time for FG’s figurehead, Arthur Fielder, was the source of much amusement – see the video above…

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