Elmbridge Tyre Services Ltd website

  • Skills Needed:
    Design, brand positioning, marketing, web development, CMS
  • Client:
    Elmbridge Tyre Services Ltd
  • Project URL:

A long established (50 years), and well-respected family-run business, Elmbride Tyre Services sell nothing but tyres and batteries. They had earned an enviable reputation for outstanding customer service and support. However, their online presence was weak and didn’t reflect the outside perception of the business.

Monkie created a refreshed, CMS-driven website that better communicated the Elmbridge offer and allowed staff to update the site and contribute to a blog that would support a renewed marketing strategy. A customer loyalty scheme was created, offering rewards for data capture and will help support more effective customer relationship management.

Site visits immediately saw a significant increase and the customer loyalty scheme has proven very popular.

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