Controliss Blinds Identity design and messaging

  • Skills Needed:
    Design, artwork, illustration, brand positioning, concept generation, creative writing, copywriting
  • Client:
    Controliss Blinds

You’ve more than likely heard the often quoted statement “branding is much more than a logo”, and of course, that’s entirely correct. Interestingly, though, given a logo’s visual immediacy, it is just as often seen as the focal point of branding. Successful branding, distills, encapsulates and communicates the personality, features, benefits and point of difference of an organisation, it’s products or services.

Motorised blinds company, Controliss, had established a very successful business, outperforming numerous sector heavyweights, but felt that they needed an injection of creativity, to lift their identity and key messaging.

In a solution we term ‘feature-associated’, a lozenge, with the underlying principle of creating a ‘balance between light and shade’, incorporates typography in two colours, by clever use of negative space. The ‘c’ and ‘o’ that start the Controliss name, are also connected to loosely symbolise, a motor/roller blind function.

Supporting the new visual, a strapline was developed that eloquently communicated both features and benefits.

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