Cadw Interpretation panels for unstaffed sites

  • Skills Needed:
    Design, artwork, illustration, retouching
  • Client:
    Fielder Green Associates

The Welsh countryside is rich in history with ruined castles, abbeys and other significant historical remains visible at every turn. Cadw, the historic environment service for the Welsh Government are currently re-interpreting each of these sites with visitor information and here are a few of the first sites that Monkie have completed.

Each interpretation panel tells the particular story behind the site, usually at the very place where events happened. With the use of evocative illustrations we have brought to life dramatic stories of murder, sieges and power hungry struggles from the past.

Most of the sites display a reconstructed image of the now ruined remains, with highly detailed cutaway drawings showing what life would have been like in the ancient past.

Monkie were initially tasked with setting a generic, systemised style, that could be used across all sites and incorporate flexible content. The panels are all created as dual language layouts, giving Welsh and English equal prominence and incorporate a ‘follow the story’ mechanism, to encourage visitors to move around the local area and increase footfall at each site.

We are busy working through more sites around Wales (55 sites in total) and will add more of these images to the portfolio as they are completed.

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