Blue Spire Identity design and messaging

  • Skills Needed:
    Design, artwork, illustration, brand positioning
  • Client:
    Blue Spire LLP Independent Financial Advisers
  • Testimonial:
    Before I started working with Monkie my business was just like any other IFA firm. Although I knew we were different, I hadn't realised our brand (our firm's personality) didn't show this. Monkie helped me identify and communicate what is good about Blue Spire and what we do. I'm now much more confident about explaining Blue Spire to new and existing clients - what we do, why we do it, how we do it and how you pay for our services. As a direct result our business has grown considerably and we are consistently winning new clients when we go up against our competitors.

Having always been conscious of the questionable stereotypes associated with IFA’s, Blue Spire was a business trying to understand how best to market themselves.

An uninspiring, traditional identity didn’t match the young, dynamic personalities that run the business, nor did the marketing materials present anything of an engaging look and feel or meaningful message.

Monkie really got under the skin of the business, to define the very essence of Blue Spire and identify a real point of difference.

We created a fresh, modern identity that sits well with the company’s partner organisations – high street names that underwrite the products sold; and stands apart from the conservative, IFA competition.

A professional but always human tone of voice, supports images that purposefully, never feature money, financial charts or stereotyped business folk.

Next, a huge range of products and services were grouped together and labelled with easy to understand meanings, that simplify the Blue Spire offer and form the basis of a structured and targeted suite of marketing materials.

We’ll post details of stationery, literature and website developments ASAP.

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