Beaumaris and Conwy digital interpretation

  • Skills Needed:
    Design, interpretation, digital, html, css
  • Client:
    Cadw, Welsh Government

Across the Menai Straights, in the Chapels at Conwy Castle and Beaumaris Castle, are a set of newly commissioned stained glass windows. They tell the story of Edward I and the Princes of Gwynedd, and are now interpreted by a digital touch screen panel at both sites.

Each window (and in the case of Beaumaris, a reproduction altar), now has their highly detailed content fully interpreted, so that visitors can fully grasp the stories that unfold in the windows above them.

Created as a dual language digital experience, the stories and themes depicted in the window designs are brought to life with in-depth explanations, uncovering the beauty of these contemporary glass wonders. The touchscreen images enable a much closer examination of the detail in each window and give visitors a far richer experience and broader understanding of their content.

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